Existing Partnerships Overview

ICRISAT has forged extensive partnerships with various stakeholders to collectively advance dryland agriculture. These partnerships encompass a wide range of collaborators, including Government Departments at the National, State, and Local level, National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS), Academic Institutions, Private Companies, Foundations, and International NGOs. Collaborating with Government Departments enables ICRISAT to align its research and development efforts with national agricultural policies, ensuring effective implementation and impact at scale.

Through its partnerships with NARS, ICRISAT facilitates knowledge exchange, technology transfer, and capacity building, enhancing the research capabilities and outreach of these institutions. Academic Institutions play a crucial role by contributing scientific expertise, facilitating research collaborations, and nurturing a new generation of agricultural scientists.

Engaging Private Companies fosters innovation, commercialization, and the adoption of improved technologies, bridging the gap between research and market needs. Foundations and International NGOs provide critical financial and technical support, helping to leverage resources and address complex challenges in dryland agriculture.

Our extensive partnerships underscore ICRISAT's commitment to collective action and a multidimensional approach in advancing sustainable and resilient agricultural systems in the dryland regions.

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