How to Partner Overview

The challenges facing the drylands are large and complex with sustainable solutions beyond the competence of any one organization. Therefore, partnerships are central to our research for development approach. ICRISAT works with its partners in an interdisciplinary manner from planning through to the execution and evaluation stages of joint activities.

Partnering with ICRISAT offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the advancement of sustainable agriculture and food security in the dryland regions. There are several avenues to collaborate and partner with ICRISAT. Government agencies, at the national, state, and local levels, can engage in joint research projects, policy dialogues, and capacity-building initiatives. National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) can explore collaborative research programs, knowledge sharing platforms, and joint proposal development.

Academic institutions can collaborate on research, training programs, and knowledge dissemination activities. Private companies can participate in technology validation, product development, and commercialization initiatives. Foundations and international NGOs can join forces with ICRISAT to support research projects, capacity building, and advocacy efforts. To explore partnership opportunities with ICRISAT, interested parties can reach out through the official website or contact the relevant department or unit to discuss potential collaborations and initiatives. Together, we can drive transformative change and create sustainable solutions for dryland agriculture.

For information on how to partner with us please email the Partnership Liaison Office

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